What To Know On Color Changing Spoons.

A while back it was a big deal trying to control the temperature of food for children. Technology came in to make simple our lives and the invention of color changing spoons made it even better. These spoons are designed to make it easier for moms to regulate the temperature of the food for their young ones.

Just as the name indicates, these particular spoons alter color depending on the temperature of food. It does not matter the temperature of the food, the color changing spoons will always give you an alert. Babies have been protected from burning their own lips as well as the mothers when tasting the food.

Color changing spoons have a wide range of use not just for home purposes. At frozen yogurt joints, color changing spoons are used and this makes it even more fan for children. This is one way the outlets gain their customers because kids find it so fascinating that the spoons change color when the temperature changes. When you scoop the frozen yogurt out of the cup, the color changes as well as when you put it in the mouth.

The spoons are just as normal as other simple spoons only that it has a few added things. There are scientific theories that have been employed to make color changing spoons heat sensitive. The science behind these spoons is known as thermochromic reaction. Simply put, the materials used in making the spoons are very sensitive to different temperatures. Color changing spoons has the same material as those of mood rings and coffee cups. When you put hot coffee in the mugs, they change color.

The color changing technology is achieved by use of dyes known as leucodyes. The leucodyes are very sensitive to temperature. They change color temporarily when they are exposed to heat. These dyes are a very genius way of telling the temperature of food before inducing it in your mouth. With rise and fall of the temperature, the molecules in the dyes reflect light therefore changing the color of the dye. The material that is used on the interior of the spoon is silicon and is available in various colors.

A question in many people’s minds especially mother is if the spoons are safe to use. If you use coffee mugs which generally are made of the same material, then you can use the machine. The material used to make leucodyes is organic and you can’t get any safer than that. This technology has been around a while and therefore it has been tested thoroughly and proven to be safe. The soft lips of your baby are safe with the use of these spoons as they are also tender.

They are very hygienic and very easy to clean. Don’t worry about washing them separately because they are safe to wash in the dishwasher. They are also microwavable adding more to the joy of using these spoons.

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