As a hotel connoisseur, I can tell you that there is an art to selecting the right type of room for you. I usually look for nine things when I select a hotel that I will be staying in. Here are my nine hotel essentials:

1) Layout 
The layout of a hotel room must work. The placement of the bed, tv, windows and facilities must be subconsciously pleasing. Most hotels are designed by special architects and therefore work well. However, not all are. You The bed has to be the main focus point of the room. You should be able to see the sunrise or sunset in your window, and there should be minimal sun glare on the TV, coming through from the window.

2) Comfortable bed

The ultimate test of the hotel – how well you slept and how comfortable was your bed…? There is no point paying over the odds to stay in a luxury hotel if you didn’t sleep well. Most 4-5 hotels do invest in luxury bedding and bed linens. However, some don’t, so you have to know what kind of quality linens and bedding the hotel provides. Look for high thread count linen and high tog rating bedding.

3) Nice bathroom
Sometimes images can be deceiving when it comes to booking hotel rooms. When browsing for a nice hotel room, look at the state, design and usefulness of the bathroom. Be sure it ticks all your needs. Don’t judge the quality of the sink, towels or bath mat just be glance, but instead look for specification and detail.

4) Bathrobes
Quality bathrobes is a must! Not to forget slippers. I always make sure that when I book a hotel, the room must have a bathrobe. There is a clear difference between those hotels that do provide robes, and those that don’t.

5) Freebies
It’s nice to be surprised and spoilt and freebies are always a great surprise. Whether it be confectionary, alcohol or even a small souvenir. It’s the little things that count. Although we can’t always expect these things, it’s good to know what extras you get with your stay.

6) Great view
Waking up and seeing the sunrise is something we don’t get everyday but staying at a hotel, you feel as if you must experience something different – and that is my different. Where you room looks out to is very important, and to me, is what I use to judge hotels on.

7) Silence

Having a sound proof room or a room in which you cannot hear the fridge, heater or any other operational noise is essential.

8) Facilities

Does the hotel room have useful facilities? What are useful facilities? For me; a gym, fridge, laundry service and restaurant area, are all facilities that I require when I stay in a hotel.

9) Lighting
Room lighting and placement is key. You can tell a room is well designed when the placement of the lights are pleasing and just work. Even distribution and having a well-lit room is a must. Regardless, you must be able to see that crease on your dress before you go out to dinner.


Look out for these things next time you book that really expensive hotel room!

Author: Cheryl J – Travel Blogger