Key Consideration When Testing For Radon in Premises

Many people are not aware of the health threat that they are exposed to in the homes with the presence of radon which is harmful. If you are exposed to radon for a long time, you might develop health complication, and therefore, it is necessary to seek the service of a radon tester to find out whether it is present in your apartment. The reliability of the radon testing results is crucial. A tip to ensure that you get credible results is that you perform the test at the lowest level of the house which has lots of activities like play area, old storeroom or garage. Testing takes some period, but it must be adequate, and you must organize an appropriate time for carrying out the tests. There can be long-term testing or short-term testing which would last for about two days, and there should be no interference during the testing period.

The inspector should have the required equipment for testing radon. The testing involves the use of special devices which the inspector should know how to use them. However, you can also get details of the radon testing equipment, and their usage from state office which deals with radon-related issues and they will also educate you about different ways of testing radon and how you can minimize radon exposure. Two methods are applicable for testing radon; using passive devices and using active devices. Passive radon testing instruments do not need electricity to perform testing, and the widely used types are alpha-track detectors, charcoal canister, electret ion chamber detectors and charcoal scintillation devices. Each equipment is unique and has different requirements for efficient operation, but all of them need exposure to air for a specific period. After that exposure, they are taken to a laboratory for testing. Passive radon testing devices are widely used because they are affordable and they can be used for long-term and short-term testing.

Active devices for radon testing use electricity, and the most common ones are continuous radon monitors and continuous working level monitors. These tools are useful for measuring and recording the presence of radon and their levels in the area in a fixed period. They are more advanced than the passive instruments because they can detect any abnormal fluctuations in radon levels. In his report at the end of testing and analysis, the inspector will come up with detailed explanation on the variations. If there is any interference in the process of testing, this will likely affect the results. Therefore, some of the active devices have anti-interference features which help to guarantee a reliable outcome.

The environment in which the testing is carried out must be conducive such that it does not have any influences of weather factors such as temperatures and pressure. Motions by objects and people can also impact the outcome of the testing. You need a knowledgeable inspector who understands every aspect of testing in detail.

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