The Best Doggy Daycare Facility in Vernon

The residents of Vernon with dogs will usually worry about leaving their pet animal alone in the house for the whole day when they go to work. The solution to this issue is to find an excellent doggy daycare facility nearby your home. Below is a guide to help you identify a good dog daycare facility in Vernon.

Good doggy daycare facilities are usually characterized by having many highly trained employees. Therefore one employee is assigned to watch over should a small number of dogs making each dog receive the best care. It is essential that the facility recruit those people who love dogs and also invest in training them on how to take proper care of dogs. Therefore you as the dog owner you are assured when you pick up the dog in the evening it will be well fed and taken care of.

It is Important to know the health checkup procedure the Vernon doggy daycare facility uses when admitting news dogs. This is done to check the dog has any contagious diseases or have ticks and fleas on its body fur. This is very important as you do not want your dog to get infested with fleas and ticks while in the doggy daycare facility. Therefore you need to find a doggy daycare facility that has regular checkups to minimize this risk.

You should ask the dog daycare facility manager of the layout of the facility. Such do they have separate areas for male and female dogs. The objective is to know if the facility keeps aggressive dogs away from each other and also away from non-aggressive dogs. Hence the doggy daycare facility will implement measures to prevent the dogs from fighting. This is important as dogs usually get injured if they fight.

You can know the best Vernon doggy daycare facility by its value towards cleanliness and hygiene. The best facility hire professional cleaners and also use products that disinfect the environment. Also the cleaning personnel will clean up the items that are used to serve the dogs’ meals. Hence the risk of dog falling sick due dirty environment is substantially minimized.

To stay ahead of competition the best Vernon dog daycare facilities are hiring professional dog trainers to teach the dogs various important things. This will make a dog disciplined by being taught how to obey your commands by an experienced trainer. Also, some of the doggy daycare facilities offer services in picking up the dog from its owner’s premises every working day and some even drop the dog at its home in the evening once you are home from work.

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