Choosing a Wine Cooler

Being a wine lover, you’ll likely reach a point where simple wine tasting isn’t enough the aspect of collecting wine becomes an even more appealing notion. The passion may be triggered when you sign up for a wine tour or try going to wine festivals and come across a life changing bottle of wine, one that you just had to bring home.

Once you’ve already obtained a handful of wine, proper storage should be your next project. There are those who are lucky to already have a basement or an area in their house that’s cool enough to house wine at the best possible temperature and humidity level. As for the rest of the wine enthusiast that weren’t so lucky with the house set up, they will need to purchase a wine cooler, also known as a wine refrigerator; the wine has to be kept at 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

There are hundreds of wine coolers out there, all varying in shapes, sizes and brands; there are wine coolers that can actually fit right beneath your cabinet, while other models can hold hundreds of bottles at a time. For a beginner, the task of searching for the ideal wine cooler can be incredibly daunting so below are some tips that you may want to follow.

Quality and Features

Wine coolers drastically vary in the quality that it possesses. Much like you’d expect, basic wine coolers contain your wine collection at the ideal temperature and relative humidity but it doesn’t do anything else aside from that. Wine cooler units with higher quality have two different cooling zones; these cooling zones are used for the storing as well as the tempering of white and red wines. UV-protected glass, digital temperature control panels and pull-out shelving for wine bottles with different sizes as just a few of the other features that quality wine coolers can offer. A few other wine coolers have built in alarms that sound off whenever there’s something wrong with the temperature, humidity level or the door itself.

The Wine Cooler’s Pricing

The most basic out of all the quality wine coolers don’t come cheap. If you’re aiming for wine cooler models with larger capacities, then don’t be surprised when they ask for a small fortune. Aside from the actual cost of the item, you may also have to shoulder the costs for shipment to your home; larger capacity wine coolers might set you back another several hundred dollars just for the shipping costs.

Wine Coolers or Wine Racks?

Some wine collectors say that the most affordable wine storage alternative would consist of a combination of wine racks and coolers in a cool area. Have a quick look around your collection and see which ones are actually appropriate for the wine rack.

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