It seems like everyone I talk to these days is telling me about their next great vacation they are going on. This is the time of year when people who live in colder climates flock to the warmer or even tropical weather. On top of that, the holiday season means more paid time off that does not have to come out of your own personal bank of sick days or vacations days. Many people take the opportunity to pair their vacation days with holidays they already receive off and take an extra long trip they would not be able to take during any other time of year. All this popularity in travel causes an awful spike in prices all over the world. Tourism is at its highest in many locations so the increased demand with a steady supply allows the shop owners, hoteliers, and restaurant owners to up their prices during certain months of the year. Lucky for you, I am determined to travel no matter what time year it is so I have had to learn the best travel tips and hacks that will allow me to save money on all kinds of things when I travel.

Give Couchsurfing a Try

Couchsurfing is a term that refers to sleeping on the couch of someone for free while traveling or in between homes. This term took on new meaning when a startup company formed a web-based service to facilitate in booking couches not only nationwide but globally. There is now a network of people all over the world who have an open couch or even spare room that they will allow you to sleep on for free. It is sort of a combinations between Airbnb and Craigslist if you ask me, but it has been proven safe and reliable for the most part

Join a Housesitting Group

I had my first housesitting experience when I began traveling in Mexico. I was lucky enough to sort of fall into a situation where I met a woman in need of a dog sitter. She allowed me to live in her house for five weeks in exchange for taking care of her two small dogs and keeping up with a few household tasks. If you are looking for a situation like this, there are opportunities all over the world. Check out one of the many Facebook groups or sites that coordinate this type of service.

Book Very Far in Advance

Some people don’t believe in this theory but in my experience, booking very far in advance is a great way to get really good deals on flights and hotels for the trips you have been dying to take. When you book far enough in advance you are also able to get the exact seat, room, and date that you have in mind without have to rearrange any of your plans. Sometimes you can even book with websites like Expedia where they will get you great deals no matter what time of year it is.